NatoGears Handmade Watch Leather Vintage Strap Kn95MaskMall


HANDMADE 100% GENUINE LEATHER: Our tooled handmade smartwatch bands made using native leather enhancement artistry handed over from generations and a 100% genuine leather that offers a taste of “Nobility(this class of art is only enjoyed by nobility in those days)” with modern touch and a classy look, while being comfortable enough to wear all day. The clasps are made using tooled anodized black stainless steel to make sure it’s sturdy enough to handle daily use and complement its Noble theme
DURABLE & COMFORTABLE: The intricate tooling method and a 360-degree binding line and stitched edges coupled with the soft cowhide leather gives you a replacement watch band that provides a touch of “Nobility” and is gentle on your skin and durable enough to provide long term use without losing its classy and vintage charm
EASY TO INSTALL & USE: Simply slide your watch into the leather wristband and you’re done! The durable adapters will hold the watch firmly in place whether you’re playing sports or working at the office. Installation only takes a couple of seconds and the watch can just as easily be removed